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Angelic Creations- Dolls, Bears and Angels
Dolls & Doll Accessories

We sell Lee Middleton, Susan Walkeen, Madame Alexander, Adora, Betsy McCall, Robert Tonner, Effanbee, Diana, Berenguer, Reborns, Ginny, Raggedy Ann (antique reproductions, modern originals) Delton, Phyllis Parkins, Mary Engelbreit, Lloyd Middleton, musical and mechanical dolls, cloth dolls, play dolls, angel dolls, communion dolls, christening and bride dolls, life size and look-a-like dolls, Magic Attic, Corolle, Marie Osmond, Seymour Mann and gently loved old and antique dolls.

We sell quality wooden toys!  We carry Woodkins for boys and girls, Melissa and Doug.
We calso carry doll houses, Burns Stables, blocks and kitchens.

Doll Clothes:  We have custom made, modern or antique reproductions made to order for Ginny, Madame Alexander, Corolle, Middleton, Parkins, Adora, 18" dolls, Magic Attic.  We can create for any size doll.  We also supply shoes, socks, tights and booties.