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Angelic Creations- Dolls, Bears and Angels
Our Doll & Toy Hospital

Don't be sad!  Did your dolly break?


Children'sChildren's toys and dolls are our priority.  Their playtime friends come first.  We try to have them in surgery, operated on, treated and back to health in 1- 7 days, depending on the severity of the illness or injury.
Adult:  Doll repairs take one week to 8 months depending on the extent of the damage and difficulty of repair.  We repair toys, dolls, bears, figurines, head bobblers, lamps, doll "dolls", bears figurines, doll furniture and miscellaneous items.
Bring your items in for a free quote.
Our most popular repairs:
American Girl and Mrs. Beasley Dolls.
Materials We Clean and Repair:  Composition, plastic, cloth, leather, bisque, clay, ceramic, mechanical, metal, fur, hair, yarn, paper, porcelin, glass, rubber, resin and others.

Does your dolly need new eyes?